Consumer Led; Experience Focused; Destination Delivered

The tourism world has changed and we are listening!

Glenn MandziukCEO Message, Glenn Mandziuk

There has been tremendous change in the past eight years for the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association and our role as the regional DMO has also significantly evolved and matured from one of a delivery of marketing services to one of close engagement with stakeholders in the area of destination development.

TOTA continues to drive to exceed and advance within the new tourism landscape, striving to be leaders and innovators that can elevate the regional message and assist our stakeholders in moving forward in a strong collaboration approach. There have been enormous accomplishments in the past year and we have continued to ensure that the principles within the Thompson Okanagan Ten Year Regional Tourism Strategy, Embracing Our Potential continue to guide us.

In 2015/16 we have advanced activity on a number of key areas outlined within the strategy including the development of a Rail Trails Tourism Strategy; the hiring of an Indigenous Tourism Specialist in conjunction with ItBC; similarly partnering with Go2HR to hire a Human Resources specialist; commencing work on a Charter of Sustainability and advancing the development of our four season goals through the Wonder of Winter initiative.

Our partnership with Destination BC has provided the resources to implement many of our objectives and together we have successfully delivered two Remarkable Experiences  programs working with stakeholders that have either Rail Trail or Winter products and services.

It has been a fast paced and busy year and we have welcomed the youth and vitality of our Career Focus grant participants who have assisted us in the development of our digital and social presence; expanded our research and data capabilities; ensured the ongoing implementation of the rail trails tourism strategy recommendations and provided enhancements to our event planning and ongoing communications with our stakeholders and partners.

The world is consumer led in a way we have never seen. It is imperative that we make the best use possible of new and expanding tools and technology to gather insights and experience in order to deliver a tourism product that not only meets the needs of the changing demands of today’s traveler but far exceeds them.

The Thompson Okanagan is a unique international destination and one in which we believe firmly that through the authentic development of our stories and messaging, close collaboration with our stakeholders and creation of  strong and insightful partnerships we can ensure the continued growth and success of our region for decades to come.

We the TOTA Board, and staff, look forward to continuing our efforts with pride and remain firmly committed to fostering Remarkable Tourism Experiences.