Key Initiatives

TOTA provides destination development, marketing, industry and experience development, and research services. Key program summaries are noted below. Be sure to register with us as a stakeholder so we can communicate with you! Also check out the resources and TOTA Events section and let us know how we can assist you.

Destination Development

In 2015, as part of a new mandate with Destination BC (DBC), the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) realigned resources to create a Destination Development Department.

Through the Thompson Okanagan Regional Strategy, “Embracing Our Potential”, completed in November 2012, TOTA was well positioned to execute on the new destination development priorities put forth by DBC. This strategy now in its fourth year of implementation provides a “road-map” to direct the development of tourism in the region over a ten-year period. More than 1,800 stakeholders participated in the development of the strategy, which took over 18 months to complete.

TOTA in concert with DBC will continue to update and evolve the strategy within defined areas to enhance the delivery of product experiences and increase overall long-term competitiveness of the destinations within the region.

The Experiences Development Department was also established as part of this portfolio to focus specifically on the enhancement of a number of key themes identified within the “Regional Strategy”.

Recognizing the objective to drive tourism visitation and revenues outside of the traditional summer season, specific tourism experience areas were identified and are the priorities for the Experiences Development team including:

  • Regional Rail Trails
  • Wonder of Winter
  • Aboriginal Tourism
  • Remarkable Experiences
  • Charter of Sustainability

TOTA and DBC, in partnership with regional stakeholders, continues to work on new ways to develop tourism products, enhance visitor experiences, and deliver a high standard of services and amenities to generate and sustain long-term demand for this region’s tourism industry.



Working in partnership with Destination BC, Thompson Okanagan Tourism (TOTA) marketing efforts under the Reserved Pool program will be focused on touring and exploring marketing initiatives.

As part of the Destination BC Co-op Marketing “Reserved Pool” program which has replaced the former “Tourism Partners” program TOTA offers its stakeholders a number of opportunities throughout the year in which they can participate in at a subsidized cost. The program is designed to support strategic marketing priorities that are fundamental to the provincial and regional brand and supporting the 10 year regional tourism strategy objectives.

The Co-operative marketing program offers cooperative advertising in both partnered programs and TOTA programs.

Travel Trade

In partnership with Destination British Columbia, Thompson Okanagan Tourism works with Travel trade to build destination awareness in our top markets. Efforts are focused on attracting new business to the region and to increase overnight stays with existing key accounts. TOTA engages with our regional partners to research export-ready new product,  fulfilling image requests, detailing  travel logistics, and hosting travel trade in region. In addition to our Advisory Committee, TOTA also works directly with stakeholders and industry associations.

The Travel Trade Program provides opportunities to participate on marketing and advertising on the Online Travel Trade Planner and ‘Our Story’.

Travel Media

In partnership with Destination British Columbia, we work with journalists, freelance writers, social influencers, editors and broadcasters on travel-focused stories to build destination awareness in our top markets. TOTA prepares, and pitches, story ideas during Media Marketplaces and Events and hosts Travel Media fams in region to research ideas that are picked up. In the Travel Media Program industry can engage with TOTA to attract journalists and editors to write about Thompson Okanagan experiences by providing us with news about your business, supplying images, and agreeing to host media when in region for research.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services department for Thompson Okanagan Tourism provides collaborative and progressive support in corporate, financial, information and administrative services to support the ongoing operations of the Association. The department ensures that all organizational functions and fiscal responsibilities of the non-profit society are delivered in an accurate, timely, and technologically modern fashion. It consists of the following main areas of responsibility:

  • Financial planning, record-keeping and financial reporting
  • Accounting, purchasing and Asset Management
  • Organizational analysis and corporate reporting
  • Organizational management and human resources
  • Corporate support systems and administrative functions
  • Administrative support to Board of Directors
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Information Technology Services

In addition to this wide array of critical functions, Corporate Services are also centrally involved with external communications like the distribution of the TOTA newsletter and press releases, as well as maintaining the official Thompson Okanagan Tourism corporate website.

For more information on how this department can assist your business or for any corporate-related inquiries, please contact a member of the Corporate Services team.

Hiking to the Battle Bluff above Kamloops Lake, Lac Du Bois Grasslands Protected Area, Kamloops British Columbia

Hiking to the Battle Bluff above Kamloops Lake, Lac Du Bois Grasslands Protected Area, Kamloops British Columbia