Indigenous Cultural Enhances the Tourism Experience

In July of 2016 Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) together with Aboriginal Tourism BC (AtBC) embarked on a new and innovative program to assist the regional First Nations communities in the Thompson Okanagan with tourism development.

Working collaboratively the two organizations jointly hired a Regional Indigenous Tourism Specialist to the team. Based in the Thompson Okanagan, the role will focus on developing a cultural tourism strategy in alignment with TOTA’s Embracing Our Potential and AtBC’s The Next Phase plans.

Embracing a rich history filled with traditional stories and beliefs, the position will work to cultivate credible relations with the 32 First Nations communities throughout the Interior and endeavour to develop economic opportunities that progress Indigenous Tourism within the region, whilst maintaining respect and cultural authenticity.

Alongside strategy implementation will be analyzing and addressing the strengths and weaknesses of Indigenous tourism, planning Indigenous cultural events in gateway locations, and acquiring unique stories for marketing ventures.

Together with AtBC, TOTA is excited to share this journey as the past rejoins the future.