How Can You Be Involved?
The Interdepartmental Committee

As part of the process, we have established an interdepartmental committee who are working collectively to bring together organizations and stakeholders to assist in driving the ongoing Sustainability Action Plan. The committee includes participants from a variety of organizations and backgrounds who are able to contribute to the ongoing implementation of the 17 SDG goal areas. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Ellen Walker-Matthews at


Become Part of the Biosphere Community

With the Thompson Okanagan Region now certified as a Sustainable Tourism Destination through Biosphere, your tourism organization has the opportunity to also become part of the Biosphere Community.

Our Goal is to establish collaborative synergies within our tourism industry by inviting stakeholders to adopt a commitment to sustainability through the Biosphere Adhesion program. We ask that you review the adhesion requirements outlined below and if you would like to explore this opportunity, please reach out directly to Ellen Walker-Matthews at

Adhesion Requirements | Responsible Tourism Institute

  • The entity informs and/or involves its clients/users in the campaigns and projects with social purposes in which it participates or organizes.
  • If the entity has catering services or commercializes food products: The entity encourages and prioritizes the acquisition of products from local sustainable agriculture and livestock, informing customers/users of this practice. In addition, if it were the case, it includes elements of the local gastronomy in the catering offer and/or in the commercialization of food products and/or provides information on restaurants of traditional/local food of the Destination, considering the seasonal products.
  • The users/clients and workers are encouraged to adopt healthy life practices (physical exercise, healthy eating, cycling, etc.)
  • Training and/or awareness-raising resources regarding sustainability are offered. These are aimed at both workers and customers/users of the entity.
  • Non-discriminatory language usage guidelines are applied in all the informative and promotional material of the entity.
  • The responsible use of water by workers and users/clients of the entity is promoted and requested directly, developing measures of saving and maximum water efficiency.
  • The responsible use of energy by workers and users/customers of the entity is directly promoted and requested, developing measures of savings and maximum energy efficiency.
  • The entity collaborates with a project whose purpose is to support initiatives of local entrepreneurs.
  • The entity prioritizes innovation during the development and creation of its activities and services.
  • Universal accessibility measures have been adopted in those cases in which the physical, structural, and legal conditions allow for the provision of quality services.
  • The users of the entity are provided with responsible behaviour guidelines that must be assumed by the users in relation to the environment and the local community, thus favouring a respectful attitude towards the Destination.
  • The entity applies measures to minimize the use of disposable products and consumables in general, involving the users/customers of the entity, favouring separation/collective selection.
  • As a goal to fight against Climate Change, the entity measures its carbon footprint and informs the users, collaborators, and workers.
  • If the development of the activity of the entity implies the contact with aquaculture and/or marine resources: The entity provides the client with information and/or awareness-raising resources to increase the degree of awareness and respect for aquatic and/or marine ecosystems.
  • If the development of the activity of the entity implies the contact with terrestrial resources: The entity provides the client with information and/or awareness-raising resources to increase the degree of awareness and respect for terrestrial ecosystems.
  • The entity publicly manifests its fight against any form of abuse, exploitation or harassment, particularly those directed to vulnerable groups and/or minorities.
  • By signing the Manifest of the Responsible Company and adhering to the Sustainable Commitment of the Destination, the entity proceeds to comply with this requirement: The entity participates in networks or collaborative projects for the exchange of experiences and knowledge in sustainability with other entities or organizations.

Biosphere Certified Destination


We look for the continuous improvement of the Thompson Okanagan as a sustainable tourism destination. Comments and suggestions can be sent to the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association and the Responsible Tourism Institute at the following addresses: |