How Can You Be Involved?

Become Part of the Biosphere Community

With the Thompson Okanagan Region now certified as a Sustainable Tourism Destination through Biosphere, your tourism organization has the opportunity to also become part of the Biosphere Community.

Our goal is to establish collaborative synergies within our tourism industry by inviting stakeholders to adopt a commitment to sustainability through the Biosphere Adhesion or the Community Support program. Learn More by clicking the links below.


The Interdepartmental Committee

As part of the process, we have established an interdepartmental committee who are working collectively to bring together organizations and stakeholders to assist in driving the ongoing Sustainability Action Plan. The committee includes participants from a variety of organizations and backgrounds who are able to contribute to the ongoing implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goal areas. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Ellen Walker-Matthews at


We look for the continuous improvement of the Thompson Okanagan as a sustainable tourism destination. Comments and suggestions can be sent to the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association and the Responsible Tourism Institute at the following addresses: |