Market and Visitor Research

January 23, 2019 • Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association

Market Information – Canada and US – Fees Apply – Businesses, Communities, Events, etc.

Custom research services use Environics Analytics to provide either market profiles or visitor profiles using your customer postal codes. This research is available for communities, businesses, events, visitor centres, etc.

Custom visitor or market profiles you can choose from include:

  1. Destination Canada’s Explorer Quotient Market Segmentation Program (EQ Type)
  2. Sector – Choose from many including Hike, Bike, Culinary, Specific activities such as Camping/RV; Festivals and Events, etc.)
  3. Custom Variables – Tell us about your target markets and we will develop custom personas
  4. Social Values – Choose from thousands of variables in the system

Digital Campaigns

As part of TOTA’s new research program we offer digital campaign services in partnership with WAR ROOM who will execute and report on programmatic campaigns using the Environics Analytics targeted marketing resources to hyper-target in markets throughout the US and Canada.

Research Opportunities

We say the Power of EQ is only half the equation. When combined with Environics Analytics not only can you get a full profile of your target market mapped to an EQ explorer type, we can tell you where they are on the ground, right down to the postal code level.

Add to that market size and projections to the future, media habits both traditional and digital and you have what you need for your next strategy.

Contact us for more information on how we can provide market profiles for Canada and the US.

Want to know more about your existing customers? We can profile them using your postal codes.

A hiker watches the sun set over Kamloops Lake from the Battle Bluff.

A hiker watches the sun set over Kamloops Lake from the Battle Bluff.