Alberta Market 2017

The Alberta market consists of 1,613,309 households with a population of 3,319,782. The market composition of the top EQ types by household volume is No Hassle Travellers (20%) Gentle Explorers (17%), Authentic Experiencers (17%). For DBC targets Free Spirits (15% of households), Cultural Explorers (9% of households).

FOR SALE — View our list of Alberta EQ Geo and Market Profiles  + The Alberta Boomers (ages 45-64) are dominant as Authentic Experiencers (43%), Cultural History Buffs (39%) and Personal History Explorers (39%).

The Alberta resident market is projected to grow at the following rates to 2027: Authentic Experiencers by 16.7% (Boomers currently make up 39% of this segment), Cultural Explorers growth by 18.7% and Free Spirits 15.1%.

Albertans took 2.1 million overnight trips to BC in 2012, a decline of 15% from 2011. Albertans took 14.1 million overnight domestic trips in total, a decline of 10% from 2012.

Alberta Key Segments: Authentic Experiencers include two primary segments: Families 25-44 (35% of the segment) and Baby Boomers 45-64 (43% of the segment). Cultural Explorers include two primary segments: Families 25-44 (49% of the segment) and Baby Boomers 45-64 (35% of the segment) with a provincial average household income of $107,834. They have a deep appreciation of nature and while they may lead successful and accomplished lives, there is a part within them that craves a connection to the wild. In the wild, they are reminded of what is real and what really matters, and the true nature of beauty and freedom.


The general buying habits of the target markets by EQ types include: 30% of the market researches products and services online; 25% access travel content online; more than 50% use maps and directional services online; and 50% still use travel guides and books for trip planning.

Trip inspiration includes media at 70% and traditional media averaging 45%. Forty-eight percent participate in an online social media channel.

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