Environics Research Services – Analyzing Your Postal Codes

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Utilizing Environics Analytics Research, we provide contract services that allow you to understand your target markets. Options include: using your existing customer postal codes; choosing from over 5,000 variables or through geographic profiles of any area in BC and Alberta. Using PRIZM5 we can profile your customers and markets tailored to your unique objectives. Special Interest profiles include culinary enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, event attendees and many more.Understanding your Visitors

Deliverables $2,500

Each client receives the following reports as a baseline of information and additional reports can be customized for a fee.

Report series includes:

  • The top 3 EQ types in BC and Alberta or your choice of any EQ types
  • 3 EQ Profiles in any market (i.e. Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton or any location in BC/AB) or other market we have license in (Ontario and all of USA)
  • The top 3 EQ types of your customer data in BC and Alberta (using your postal codes)
  • Client data mapped to geography and compared to EQ Type
  • One sector report choose from ( golf, culinary, hike, bike, etc,) (Additional sector reports can be purchased).
  • All reports include demographics, area of interest, traditional and digital media habits

This research will inform your strategic direction and provide information that will support your marketing plan development and execution.

Client Seasonal SampleWhat is the Process?

Environics Research — Initial Steps

Discuss Project and Overall Research Objectives


  • Understand your guests through EQ and PRIZM5 analysis of demographics, psychographics & geographics over a set period of time
  • Identify difference in guest profiles, year over year
  • Identify the seasonality of guest visitation by EQ Type and spend to determine appropriate marketing strategy
  • Use research results to direct marketing initiatives and product development
  • Client provides research objective (s) to ensure the delivery of meaningful information, such as:
    • Identify top 3 Explorer Quotient (EQ) types by customer data and by households in BC and Alberta markets
    • Identify Target Markets for Market Penetration or Market Development
    • Compare & contrast year over year analysis
  • Discuss other research opportunities after initial results
  • For postal code analysis review spreadsheet template completion process for the exportation of data, ensure data collected matches Research Objectives
  • Provide a timeline for data submission for the scheduling of the project (Allow up to 4 weeks from data submission for the completion of Phase 1).

BC & Alberta Guests (By separate cover — year over year comparative analysis)

Phase 1 — Discovery/Preliminary Findings

  • Customer data is analyzed and presented in a PowerPoint format to be shared with your team
  • Flat sheets profiling each of the top 3 EQ types identified in your data will be delivered, including their media & social media habits, by BC and Alberta, if enough data available
  • Client data Penetration Maps are provided based on the Key Geographic Markets identified within BC and Alberta by top EQ Type and FSA Volume
  • This information is provided for your internal review to identify which Key Markets you are interested in targeting geographically and/or by EQ Type in BC  Alberta or other markets we are licensed for
  • Supporting information supplied via Google Share Folder for EQ Profiles from PRIZM5 and Destination Canada to support your analysis

Phase 2 — Market Profiles

  • Key Findings

    • Top EQ Type composition for client
    • Transaction composition by season
    • EQ types benchmarked against BC, Alberta populations by geographic market and top FSA’s
    • Seasonal guest spending based on EQ type
    • Year over year comparison
    • Traditional media and Social Media habits of guests
  • After client review, additional custom reports will be generated based on preferred targets by EQ Type, geography, FSA or research variables (e.g. Culinary)
  • Market Profiles include the local demographic profile and media habits by geographic area, to provide insights into developing marketing campaigns targeted towards these groups
  • This concludes the deliverables for Phase Two
  • Considerations

    • Volume of EQ type by market (Penetration Strategy)
    • Determine highest concentration of EQ types by market (e.g. Vancouver/Calgary ect.)
    • Determine which markets have the highest potential

    Further Exploration

    • To be completed after initial review of Key Findings
    • Review supplied content
    • Determine target markets for further analysis, choose up to three reports: Choose by geographic market (City or FSA) by EQ Type
    • Additional reports and custom reports as required, consider by variables (Culinary, Hiking, Biking, Festivals and Events, Culture) (additional fee)

Phase 3 — Follow Up

  • We check in to determine if the information provided was valuable
  • Allow for Client feedback and recommendations on content, outputs and the overall program process
  • Discussion will include any follow-up research requirements, future services etc.