BC Market 2017

Incorporating Destination Canada’s Explorer Quotient program (EQ), traveller types are identified by psychographic profiling. Primary traveller types are based on the fit for the market-ready products/experiences and current stage in the destination development lifecycle. They include the two primary targets of Destination BC and the national targets of Destination Canada for the Thompson Okanagan Region.

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The BC market consists of 1,896,321 households with a population of 3,918,998. The market composition of the top EQ types by household volume are Free Spirits (20%), Authentic Experiencers (14%), Rejuvenators (13%) and Cultural Explorers (13%).

The age group 45-64 is dominated by Authentic Experiencers (42%), Free Spirits (41%) and Cultural Explorers (35%).

The BC resident market is projected to grow at the following rates to 2027; Authentic Experiencers by 10.3%, (Boomers currently make up 37% of this segment), Free Spirits 11.7% and Cultural Explorers growth by 9.7%.

BC residents travel multiple times per year providing ample opportunity to entice them to the area or a stopover en route to other destinations, (e.g. Jasper).

BC Key Segments: Authentic Experiencers include two primary segments: Families 25-44 (27% of the segment) and Baby Boomers 45-64 (42% of the segment) with an above provincial average household income of $125,317.

Cultural Explorers include two primary segments: Families 25- 44 (39% of the segment) and Baby Boomers 45-64 (35% of the segment) with a provincial average household income of $100,897.

The British Columbia drive market is motivated to travel primarily by sightseeing (76%), opportunities for relaxation (60%), and the availability of nature/scenery/parks (56%). Most self-guided touring visitors choose routes based on scenic value. Some followed official Circle Routes while in the province, while the majority incorporated parts of a route in their trip. While touring within British Columbia, the top tourism regions to visit included Greater Vancouver (47%), Thompson Okanagan (46%), and Vancouver Island (41%). Self-guided touring visitors spent on average 8 nights in British Columbia, stopping overnight, on average, at 4 different locations. The average distance travelled was 1,700 kilometres, with those in RVs travelling substantially further (2,200 kilometres). More than half of the drive market used their own vehicle to travel, while 21% used a rental car, and 13% travelled by RV.

Note: References to Boomers include the age range of 45-64 (our key targets) versus current Boomer age range 52-70.

Group of tourists at Painted Rock Estate Winery, Penticton