EQ The Explorer Quotient

EQ: Explorer Quotient

What is it?

Essentially EQ is a marketing segmentation program based on demographic, social values and behavioural research to identify 9 traveller types; and ultimately, to help the most desirable travellers find the right products for their needs when visiting the Thompson Okanagan.

Who is TOTA Targeting?

Based on the experiences offered in the Thompson Okanagan and which Traveller Types are influencers and spend the most on a visit, TOTA is targeting, Cultural Explorers, Authentic Experiencers, Free Spirits and Rejuvenators.

What’s Your EQ?

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How to EQ.

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We are thrilled all tourism stakeholders in BC now have access to this research and can plan their experience and market development accordingly. Access this research by registering directly with Destination BC.

Thompson Okanagan Tourism was a licensee with the Destination Canada (DC) EQ program and was the first Regional DMO in Canada to form a direct partnership with DC. We were one of only two jurisdictions in British Columbia to use it before it became a provincial sub-license program by Destination BC in 2015.